6th International Barcode of Life Conference in Guelph, Canada

The 6th International Barcode of Life Conference takes place at the University of Guelph, Canada, from August 18-21, 2015. The theme of the 6th Conference, Barcodes to Biomes, addresses ecological applications of DNA-barcoding. Other topics encompass bioinformatics, taxonomy, and conservation. Registration is open at http://dnabarcodes2015.org/registration/. The Deadline for contibutions is set to April 15, 2015.



New Associated Projects


We are very happy to announce three new projects, associated with ABOL. You can get further information on our website.

A Project, led by Helmut Mayrhofer of the University in Graz, deals with DNA-Barcoding of the moss-dwelling representatives of the lichen genus Rinodina (lichenized Ascomycetes, Physciaceae).

At the Hans-Peter Fuehrer of the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna a project currently aims to apply DNA-Barcoding to Austrian mosquitoes (Culicidae: Diptera).

Founded by the inatura Erlebnis Naturschau GmbH, Wolfgang Rabitsch is working on  DNA-Barcoding of Typical Bugs (Heteroptera) of Vorarlberg.


ABOL Publications

On our website you can find references dealing with DNA-Barcoding of the biodiversity in Austria, but likewise more generally interesting publications. If you want to provide further literature, please contact us at abol@nhm-wien.ac.at


ABOL-Meeting 2015, Safe the Date

This year again an ABOL-Meeting will be organized. It will take place from 5. to the 6. of November 2015, in the Schloßmuseum in Linz. We thank all people from the OÖ Landesmuseum for housing this years meeting and are looking forward to two days full of interesting and inspiring presentations and discussions.