Diversität der Diversitätsforscher: ABOL-KickOff-Galerie



Diversity of diversity researchers



Dear ABOL-Community!

Many thanks to everybody, who took part in our ABOL-KickOff-Meeting. Special thanks to our speakers, who gave nice overviews on the status of biodiversity research in Austria and highlighted possible contributions of a national DNA-Barcoding Project.

Find some impressions on the ABOL-KickOff-Meeting in our gallery. If anybody Needs pictures in higher resolution just contact abol@nhm-wien.ac.at.

You can find our gallery at: https://www.abol.ac.at/en/2014/abol-kickoff-gallery-diversity-of-diversity-researchers

Thanks to all, who joined in planning the Overall project. We will give information to clusters in the near future.

If for any reason you could not take part at the Meeting, but want to join a taxon-specific cluster, please do not hesitate to contact me at abol@nhm-wien.ac.at.

Cluster: 1. fungi & lichens; 2. plants; 3. vertebrates; 4. Invertebrata Varia including Crustacea; 5. Land arthropods (5.1. Diptera; 5.2. Lepidoptera; 5.3. Coleoptera; 5.4. Hymenoptera; 5.5. Pterygota Varia; 5.d. Apterygote insects & Myriapoda; 5.6. Chelicerata)



Nikola Szucsich for the