ABOL – The Austrian Barcode of Life

ABOL is a biodiversity initiative which aims to generate and provide DNA-Barcodes of all species of animals, plants, and fungi recorded from Austria.

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About us

ABOL is a national colaboration among numerous, renowned scientific institutions and experts, engaged in biodiversity research of Austria. The pilot phase (2014-2017) serves to set up structures for the overall project, and the conduction of four pilot projects.

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Biodiversity & DNA barcoding

The biodiversity of Austria is reflected in a high spectrum of landscapes and species. Recording species-specific gene fragments – the so called DNA-barcodes – allows for an integrative approach to our biodiversity.

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ABOL overall project

The ABOL initiative aims to generate DNA-Barcodes of all Austrian species of animals, plants and fungi. These Barcodes will be made accessible for all applications in an open-access database.

Veränderliche Krabbenspinne (Misumena vatia)

Public Outreach

Visit our public outreach section, where you can download information on press releases, photos and many more. Find also information on publications dealing with DNA-Barcoding of Austrian organisms.

The ABOL Project

Scope & Vision

The “Austrian Barcode of Life”-Initiative (ABOL) in the long-term aims to generate DNA-Barcodes from all Austrian species of animals, plants, and fungi. These will be deposited online in open access databases, thus freely available for all applications.
The pilot phase encompasses four pilot studies, which will generate DNA-Barcodes of Austrian vertebrates, butterflies &moths, molluscs, and of parasitic worms. Associated projects will contribute data from other groups of organisms.
In parallel experts will prepare the overall project, organized in a network of taxon-specific clusters.

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