Heating the worldwide biodiversity hotspot of Protura: Acerentomon christiani n.sp. from the Leopoldsberg, Vienna


Dear ABOL Community,

It was 2004 when Christian & Szeptycki revealed the Leopoldsberg to be the worldwide biodiversity hotspot of Protura, reporting 23 species from the soil of a very dry slope. Applying DNA barcoding to re-assess the diversity of these very small and blind soil dwellers at the genetic level reported 4 additional species from the same locality, one of which was new to science (Resch et al 2014).

This species named Acerentomon christiani is now formally described in a publication (Shrubovych et al. 2016) including the DNA-Barcode in its description.

Shrubovych, J., Bartel, D., Szucsich, N. U., Resch, M. C., & Pass, G. (2016). Morphological and Genetic Analysis of the Acerentomon doderoi Group (Protura: Acerentomidae) with Description of A . christiani sp. nov. PLOS ONE, 11(4), e0148033. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0148033
Resch, M. C., Shrubovych, J., Bartel, D., Szucsich, N. U., Timelthaler, G., Bu, Y., Walzl, M., & Pass, G. (2014). Where Taxonomy Based on Subtle Morphological Differences Is Perfectly Mirrored by Huge Genetic Distances: DNA Barcoding in Protura (Hexapoda). PLoS ONE, 9(3), e90653. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0090653