We want to point out that the ABOL webpage is updated and extended continously. For some time we have started to restructure the website with regard to the future overall project. Major modifications concern the items “About us” and “Project”.
In particular we want to point out the new page “Professional collecting” to be found in the “Experts” menu. It deals with the legal basis for collecting animals, plants and fungi in Austria for scientific purposes. It contains also valuable links to this topic collated by province.
In the near future an internal ABOL forum will be installed for communication within the working groups.
It´s well worth visiting “us” once in a while!

…is already some days old, therefore it is high time to send the best wishes to all members of the biodiversity community!

Your ABOL team


Just before the end of the old year fortunately a new associated project joined the steadily growing ABOL community.

The project of Dr. Wolfram Graf and colleagues aims at recording of the genetic diversity of the Austrian caddisfly fauna comprising some 310 species. Caddisflies, especially their larval stage, are important bioindicators in freshwater ecology.
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