Our new project: ABOL-RefDat


ABOL reference data (ABOL-RefDat) – call for project collaboration!

We are very pleased that the ABOL-RefDat project, funded by the Biodiversity Fund, started at the beginning of the year!

Our goal? The creation of at least 5,000 DNA barcodes for at least 1,500 Austrian species of animals, plants and fungi, as well as closing data gaps in Austria! A particular focus is on pollinators, soil and aquatic organisms.

As part of the RefDat project, we can award contracts for taxonomic work for the first time and are still looking for project partners!
Using checklists, we can perform GAP analyses to specifically identify taxon-specific data gaps, i.e. identify species for which no or only a few DNA barcodes of species from Austria are available in the BOLD (Barcode of Life Data System). This way we can work together to complete the reference data! As part of RefDat, collection material (that is not too old) can be used, as well as specifically newly collected material, for which collection permits must be available. The DNA barcodes generated in the project will be fed into the international database BOLD and will be available open access for numerous applications.

Requirements for cooperation:

  • suitable, morphologically well-determined material
  • submission of collection permits for new collected specimens (mandatory!)
  • deposition of reference organisms in scientific collections
  • start as soon as possible, sample processing should be completed by the beginning of 2025

Due to the relatively short project duration until October 2025, we are trying to find partners quickly.
If you are interested, please contact us as quickly as possible (abol@nhm-wien.ac.at)!

This project is funded by the Biodiversity Fund of the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology of Austria.