One day meeting in Edinburgh (UK) on “DNA Sequencing Natural History Specimens Using New Sequencing Platforms and Protocols”


Dear all

Pete Hollingworth of the Royal Botanical Garden in Edinburgh is organizing a Meeting on “Sequencing Natural History specimens using NGS”.

It will take place on Tuesday 11th July 2017 with many reknown speakers from various DNA-Barcoding initiatives.

The Meeting is free – registrition is open till 05th of July.

Find enclosed the email of Pete.

Für alle Interessierten

Am 11. Juli findet in Edinburgh im Botanical Garden ein Meeting zu Sequenzierung von Museumsmaterial mittels NGS statt.

Organisiert wurde es von Pete Hollingworth – es kommen viele namhafte Leute v.a. aus der Barcodingszene

Hier das e-mail:

DNA Sequencing Natural History Specimens Using New Sequencing Platforms and Protocols

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, UK

Tuesday 11th July 2017

One day Meeting

Rapid developments in high-throughput sequencing platforms are providing a step change in the recoverability of DNA sequence data from natural history collections. Short-read massively parallel sequencers are intrinsically well suited to recovery of sequence data from the degraded DNAs typically present in natural history collections.

However, this field has been moving rapidly, and various groups have developed different approaches for how best to use these new technical advances.

This one day meeting will include talks focusing on two main questions:

  • What types of data can be routinely recovered from what type of material? (what can be done)
  • What protocols and platforms are proving most efficient? (how to do it)

Speakers include: Paul Hebert, Canada; Selina Brace, UK; Michelle Hart, UK; Sean Prosser, Canada; Pierre Taberlet, France; Alfried Vogler, UK; Guillaume Besnard, France; Freek Bakker, Netherlands; Sandy Knapp, UK.


Organiser: Pete Hollingsworth Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh


Registration is free including refreshments / lunch at the meeting

Please Register by the 5th of July at:


Any further questions, please contact Rachael Brewer