Butterflies: leading role in ABOL extended

Dear ABOL community,

it is about time, to announce many new projects which have been launched recently!

In butterflies, the showcase group of ABOL, four new projects have been initiated. Two of them, “Butterflies of Vorarlberg” and “Nocturnal butterflies of the Koblacher Ried” address the lepidopteran fauna of the most western Austrian province, Vorarlberg. Both projects are funded by inatura, together with the project “Plecoptera and Trichoptera of Vorarlberg“.

Furthermore we could convince the private foundation of REWE “Blühendes Österreich” to support DNA barcoding of “Butterflies from Austria“.

Last but not least, DNA barcodes of butterflies of Lower Austria are generated focusing on Noctuidea. The project “NOENO – Noctuoidea of Lower Austria” is funded by the Niederösterreichische Landessammlungen and Ökoplus.