ABOL BioBlitzes - new publication!

ABOL BioBlitzes - new publication!

Dear ABOL community

We are pleased to announce that our first joint publication on the ABOL BioBlitzes has been published in Acta ZooBot (link). In this context, the DNA barcoding datasets from the BioBlitzes 2019 and 2020 were released in BOLD, the international DNA barcoding platform, and are now available to everyone (download: dx.doi.org/10.5883/DS-ABOLBB19).

The concept of the ABOL BioBlitz combines the Days of Biodiversity with the generation of DNA barcode references from animals, especially insects, which are collected there anyway and identified by experts. In this way we make a significant contribution to the data basis for Austrian biodiversity, but above all valuable and often rarely available taxonomic expertise is digitized by storing the taxonomic determination together with the DNA sequence in a publicly accessible database.
Therefore, we would like to thank the experts who contributed their samples and expertise for their participation in the BioBlitzes and the unpaid efforts, and of course everyone who worked on the manuscript!
With your help, the BioBlitzes become a model example of citizen participation in social goals.
At the same time, we would like to motivate the experts to take part in the ABOL-BioBlitzes 2022 again. Information about this is available here: https://www.abol.ac.at/en/abol-bioblitz-2022/

Publication – Citation and Download:
Sonnleitner, M., Schoder, S., Macek, O., Leeb, C., Bräuchler, C., Haring, E., Dötterl, S., Eckelt, A., Fauster, R., Glatzhofer, E., Graf, W., Gros, P., Heimburg, H., Heiss, E., Hinterstoisser, W., Kirchweger, S., Koblmüller, S., Komposch, C., Link, A., Rabl, D., Rupp, T., Schlager, M., Streinzer, M., Strutzberg, H., Timaeus, L., Wagner, H.C., Wiesmair, B., Zimmermann, D., & Szucsich, N.U. (2022). Beitrag der ABOL-BioBlitze zur österreichischen Biodiversitäts-Erfassung: DNA-Barcodes aus 2019 und 2020. Acta ZooBot Austria, 158, 81–95. CITE DOWNLOAD

ABOL publications on the ABOL website

We also point out that publications that arose in the context of ABOL are listed on our website. New entries include the ABOL proceedings for the ABOL meeting 2020!
In addition, the freely accessible ABOL Zotero group contains a collection of various DNA barcoding literature.

Two announcements:

Biosphere reserve Wienerwald: biodiversity day

We are proud to announce this year’s biodiversity day taking place from June 10th to June 11th. The biosphere reserve management organizes the event together with City of Vienna – Climate, Forestry and Agriculture and City of Vienna - Environmental Protection. The main location is set at the 1. Wiener Waldschule, Johann-Staud-Straße 80, 1160 Wien. If you are interested in nature feel free to join field trips or pass by the biodiversity festival taking place on 11th of June from 1 pm on. Participation is free! You are a professional and want to join the team investigating biodiversity i.e. species diversity or network with colleagues? Registration starts shortly. In case of any questions or to be sure to be on the mailing list please contact Harald Brenner hb@bpww.at
General information: https://www.bpww.at/en/activities/biodiversity-day
Further details 2022 (only German): https://www.bpww.at/de/artikel/tag-der-artenvielfalt-2022-in-ottakring
ABOL participates with an ABOL-BioBlitz!
For more information please see -> HERE

Online challenge – Biosphere cup

Are you interested in nature and quizzes? Join us for our biosphere cup, taking place from May, 1st to May, 15th. Proof your knowledge at ten different stations and earn points for correct answers. The team with the highest point score takes the title! Participation is free, you may play on all devices allowing an appropriate display of internet content. We encourage grown-ups and children (recommend minimum age 10 years) to join. Details (only in German):
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