ABOL BioBlitz in the Barcode Bulletin

ABOL BioBlitz events are used to digitize taxonomic expertise in the context of the Days of Biodiversity - this is a way how rare, private biodiversity knowledge can be made available to society. This is the central message of an article recently published in the Barcode Bulletin (iBOL). In times of rapid loss of biodiversity, we are faced with the challenge of generating reliable biodiversity data as fast as possible and making it accessible

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ABOL BioBlitz in the Barcode Bulletin

Paul Hebert receives Midori Prize 2020 - Congratulations !

The Japanese environmental foundation AEON and the Secretariat of the Convention on Biodiversity have awarded Paul Hebert the “father of DNA barcoding” the 2020 MIDORI Prize.
Every two years, the MIDORI Prize is awarded to three people who have made outstanding contributions to environmental protection and sustainable use on a local and global level. Each winner receives a wooden plaque and a cash prize of US $ 100,000 to support their work to protect biodiversity.

Cordial congratulations from ABOL!