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Dear ABOL community

In time for the New Year, we have very good news to share. Canada's New Frontiers in Research Fund has decided to support the iBOL program BIOSCAN with 24 million Canadian dollars (€ 16.78 million) as part of its Transformation 2020 competition. Nikola Szucsich was also a co-applicant. The global BIOSCAN program has one mission - to lay the foundation for a Global Biosurveillance System (GBS) and to explore its socio-economic impact. The scientific activities of BIOSCAN concentrate on three themes
  • Species discovery: DNA-Barcode coverage increased to 2.0 Mio species
  • Species interactions: from food chains to symbioses and parasitic relationships
  • Species dynamics: aim is to create the data base necessary to reverse the global biodiversity loss
Although we do not profit directly from this financially, we are pleased about this success, which is of enormous importance for the implementation of a globally standardized approach in the recording of species and in biodiversity monitoring - also for us.
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