Bioscan Europe


Dear ABOL community and DNA barcoding enthusiasts

We would like to inform you that a European hub for DNA barcoding is currently emerging, which aims at promoting cooperation in the field of DNA barcoding in Europe.
You can already join the network as a person or as an institution (in the latter case by an authorized person). ABOL is already represented by Nikola.
Please join as many as possible!
The network will also try to get EU funds - anyone who wants to join is cordially invited.

A first version of the BIOSCAN Europe website can be found here: https://www.bioscaneurope.org/
The kickoff meeting has already taken place and can be viewed here. Passcode: Jw#HnD%3

In the following excerpt from an email from Edwin van Huis (the director of Naturalis in Leiden, which took over the lead) the next steps are shown:

1. Inviting people to formally join the network – either as individuals, projects/networks, or organizations
We aim to keep the governance and formalities of this very light at present and we are simply asking people to sign up to the network as a means of keeping in touch and working together. As noted at the kick-off meeting, we will move to more formal governance structures in the future as the momentum for BIOSCAN Europe continues to build.

2. Inviting people to help shape the network, by joining an interim working group
Here we are looking for individuals willing to spend a few hours per week helping shape the network and contribute to specific tasks and activities including strategic development, communications/social media, developing content for the website, organizing online events, etc.

3. Registering notes of interest in joining a consortium to bid for funding under the forthcoming Horizon Europe Topic - European participation in global biodiversity genomics endeavors aimed at identifying all biodiversity on Earth
At this point, we are collecting notes of interest, and we will then follow up with all interested parties with a framework for how the bid might be structured, and a process for assembling expertise, ideas, and input, ultimately leading to the establishment of a bidding consortium.

To gather this information in a structured fashion we have compiled a short form that should take just a few minutes to complete.
Please complete the form and we will follow up shortly to keep things moving forward ->